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Compact Light stand MD-1100
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Model: 2138
Compact light stand with max height 100 cm   Max height: 68 cm Min. height: 45cm Leg diameter: 44 cm Max payload: 3 kgs Size: 0.8 kgs, 40cm height..
Portable background system 2.9x2.9m
Out Of Stock
Model: 2140
Portable background system 2.9x2.9m   This professional background support system is ideal for in studio or on location shoots where shear strength must be combined with portability and easy set up. Aluminum construction means they are strong yet light weight. It also come with a fully padd..
PVE 034 Super clamp
Out Of Stock
Model: 2149
This PVE Super Clamp that has thousands of uses. No camera bag should be without one. The Super Clamp holds just about everything: cameras, lights, umbrellas, hooks, shelves, plate glass, cross bars, even other Super Clamps! And they hold these items to just about everything: poles, posts, tripod l..
PVE Extension arm PVE Extension arm
Out Of Stock
Model: 2197
PVE Extension arm   Extension Arm with Spigot 5/8 Receiver 1/4"-20 Male & 3/8"-16 Male Threads Net weight:0.18kg..
PVE Flash holder PVE Flash holder
Out Of Stock
Model: 2200
Hotshoe umbrella holder.Coldshoe  from highly durable aluminum alloy. Adjusting flash angle Fit to 5/8" (16mm) light stand and 1/4" standard tripod thread. Metal HotShoe for speedlight. Adjusting flash angle. Fit to 16mm and 1/4" standart tripod thread.  ..
PVE Floor Stand
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Model: 2145
Backlight Stand Base. Tripod for low and background lighting. Compatible for extension.   Minimum height: 150mm. Maximum height:150mm. Closed Length: 105mm. Net weight: 0.82 kg sections:1 Leg: 4x24mm Maximum Load: 5kg Footprint Diameter: 680mm...
PVE MZ-3000FP Light Stand
Out Of Stock
Model: 2148
PVE MZ-3000FP is an air-cushioned light stand and reversible spigot.Very stable with smooth finishing.   Max.height - 283cm Min.height - 105cm Folded - 103cm Legs spread - 122cm Sections - 3 Sections diameter - 35, 30 and 25mm (1.2mm tickness) Material - Mg-Alu alloy Max. load - 7kg(..
PVE MZ-3800FP Light Stand
Out Of Stock
Model: 2147
MZ-3800FP Light Stand is an air-cushioned light stand and reversible spigot.Very stable with smooth finishing.   Max.height - 365cm Min.height - 110cm Folded - 108cm Legs spread - 122cm Sections - 3 Sections diameter - 40,35,30 Material - Mg-Alu alloy Max. load - 8kg(at max. height) ..
PVE Spigot 16mm
Out Of Stock
Model: 2185
Universal 16 mm spigot with double male thread 1/4'' and 3/8''..
PVE telescopic tube for portable background system
Out Of Stock
Model: 2146
Portable, easy to carry to location, can be folded away quickly. Flexible with the width, you can choose to have any length between 1.25 - 3 meters You can purchase a second cross bar to form a 6 meter width, ideal for photographing a large group.   Max. diameter: 30 mm Folded leng..
Sandbag 25x25 cm
Out Of Stock
Model: 2187
Sandbag 25x25 cm Stabilise your light stands, boom arms, backgrounds, and more with this sand bag . Easily transport the empty saddlebag to your location where it can be filled with available sand, dirt, or rocks and securely zipped shut. When your shoot is over, simply empty the contents to make y..
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